May the 4th – Episode #1

“Difficult to see.  Always in Motion is the future.”        … Yoda


I know, it’s pretty cheesy, but there are a lot of us self-proclaimed “Space Geeks” out there, and some of those Geeks will celebrate this occasion, especially this year with it being the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars!

My ascent (or descent if you aren’t a fan) into Space Geekiness began as a child.  My father has watched every Star Wars movie, every single episode of Star Trek and I am pretty sure at some point in time, probably even tried to speak to aliens! Needless to say he is/was one of the Geekiest of the Space Geeks!  I am surprised I didn’t grow up with Wookie, Klingon or some other “Space Geek” language as a second language!

My father has a love of anything related to the sky…. be it space travel, planes, the stars/skies, anything universe related, be it ours or some imaginary universe.  That he passed on to me, albeit not quite to the extent his fascination is!  Chris is truly thankful for that lol!

I grew up watching the exploit of these space travelers/heroes, never actually wanting to do that sort of thing myself but appreciating the technology and imagination behind such series. To be able to conjure something like this in  your mind and have the ability to transfer this to paper and film… to have this great sense of imagination!  At least we are the benefactors of this imagination, as the books and films take us to these far away planets and universes and let us, even for a little while, leave our own planet and lives!

While I do not speak Wookie, speak as eloquently as Yoda, brandish a light saber like Luke or hold a grudge quite as long as Darth Vader, I do enjoy the entire franchise and all that goes along with it.

In honour of the date, and of Star Wars 40th Anniversary, I am going to share with you a few Star Wars crafts, most kid friendly, all Space Geek approved!

I hope you enjoy this mini journey to a craft planet not too far, far away lol! And again, May the 4th Be With You!

Episode #1

The first Episode craft is Pencil Light Sabers and Glow Stick Light Sabers!  The pictures do include a few of the items I made for other “Episodes” so bear with me lol!


This is very, very far away….oops, I mean easy.  Chris was home from work sick today so I put him to work on this while I was starting something else!

The first thing you need to do is wrap the end of your pencils (not the end you write with like I was getting ready to do 😦  ) and/or Glow Sticks with duct tape.  You only need to do about an inch of duct tape for this craft.


NOTE: Chris, whether it be from him being sick or just not paying attention lol, accidentally bent one of the glow sticks while adding the duct tape, that’s why one is already glowing!

For the Pencils: I just used Sharpie’s to make the designs I wanted to add on the duct tape to make it look like a Light Saber.

For the Glow Sticks: I just a combination of Sharpie and Black duct tape (or electrical tape) to add the details I wanted.  You can use one or both for yours.

And that’s it.  Like I said, very kid friendly and quick to do!


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