This is… Painting! My Nightmare Before Christmas-Inspired Pictures

My mom shared this morning that my painting adventures have continued and I’ve found a way to make painting my own. I thought it would be appropriate to follow up by sharing my most recent painting endeavors.

For some time, I wanted to create a Nightmare Before Christmas/Alice in Wonderland theme in my bedroom. Right now, the only theme-related item is a stool my mom painted for me for Christmas.


I love this stool and can’t wait to add more theme-related items into the room.

When searching the Internet for ideas to introduce this theme into the bedroom, I found several paintings and pictures that I loved! I decided it might be fun to try to recreate some of those pictures for myself – thus helping to introduce the theme and saving us some money along the way.

I started with smaller canvases from the dollar store – pictures of Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas for the two medium-sized canvases, and something Alice in Wonderland for the smaller canvas. I haven’t yet painted the smaller canvas (because I’m also working on a crochet project, which I will share more about this week) but wanted to share what I’ve done so far.

Like last week, I started by drawing Jack and Sally onto my canvases. You can see the smaller Alice in Wonderland-themed picture I’m planning to work on also. I’m hoping to finish it up tonight, if not one night this week.


Once the sketches were done, I started painting a solid colour for Jack/Sally (I love purple so it was a no-brainer that I would be using purple as the main colour). I decided to use a watered-down silver for the background. I used a smaller brush for the purple. For the silver, I used a medium-sized brush for everything except for Jack and Sally’s mouths/stitches, which required a smaller brush. I slipped into the purple a couple times with the silver but it was easy to touch up with the purple once it was dry (and now I can’t even tell!).


Once I was all done, I decided to add in some extra colours to brighten it up a bit – another shade of purple, yellow, and orange.


I’m thinking about touching it up a bit more (and taming the lighter shade in Sally’s hair) but for now, this is the final product:


So far, I’m enjoying painting. In the past, I used to always try to paint freehand. Now that I know I can sketch a picture and then paint it in, I’m creating things that I’m proud of. I’m sure it will become more fun as I learn new techniques from my mom.


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