Earth Day Project #2


As the title says lol, here is my 2nd Earth Day project.  This time I made “Earth Day Cookies” that I found here

It said quick and easy so I was game considering my time restraints, and they turned out really well, albeit a little too brown around the edges because I forgot I was doing laundry and in turn, also forgot to set the timer on the oven when I was downstairs folding laundry (embarrassed face)!

These are really cute, a great project to do with the kids, and even though I used the “fake cookies” method as I call it on those rare occasions when I don’t make them from scratch, they are very tasty!

I followed the directions to the letter, even using a Sugar Cookie Mix!


How is that for minimal ingredients?

I made the cookie batter as per the package directions.  Probably a good thing considering the way my day was going lol!

I separated the batter into 2 separate bowls and added the food colouring to each bowl…. blue and green.  It was at this point my son came into the kitchen and advised me that I should make more blue “batter” than green because there is more water than land on Earth.  Go figure.  The Monkey Gallery has spoken.  I’m sure he really won’t care when he’s eating them!


Again following the directions in the post I found, I took a little bit of green and a little bit of the blue and I rolled them together into balls and placed them onto my parchment paper lined cookie sheets.  I have to admit they did sort of look Earth like! And much to my delight, I did not end up with Earth like hands!


I threw them into a 375 degree oven for about 10 minutes and ended up with my little Earth Day Cookies!


We had some with our after dinner coffee, they tasted great and I was very happy with the results!

I am not going to type out the recipe because one it is so easy and two, you can find it and the original posters directions at

Happy Earth Day from Oh Yes, They D

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