Earth Day Project #1

Kim and I had been discussing doing some sort of posts for Earth Day.  I looked online and found a bunch of projects I thought would be a good idea.

Today (Friday) it crossed my mind, finally, to actually double check the date of Earth Day and low and behold, it was tomorrow (today). Apparently I am living in quite the bubble right now! I had a holy crap-a-doodle moment and figured I had better get my behind in gear if I wanted to post anything!!!

This is the first of the 2 Earth Day projects I thought to tackle, last minute of course! This project is for Recycled Homemade Fire Starters.

UPDATE: I had Chris try these in the wood stove in the shop.  He said they work in theory but that I should maybe not jam as much  lint into the TP rolls and maybe not wind the wax paper so tight.  But they do work!

This project is a Recycling project, I found on Pinterest at , using things we all have in our homes…. toilet tissue rolls, dryer lint and waxed paper.  I know, stuff we would normally throw out or recycle, so I thought what is the harm in trying it!

Chris, my husband, will be “Testing” them tomorrow morning in the wood stove in the shop! I will update you on how well they work after that!



Here are the supplies I used.  As hard as I tried, there is just no way to “pretty” up dryer lint, toilet tissue rolls and waxed paper.  I tried to think of a way to add sparkles but wasn’t sure Chris would appreciate that lol!


This is a very EASY and QUICK project.  You literally just jam your dryer lint into the toilet tissue rolls and then wrap those suckers in the waxed paper.  I think it took me all of about 10 minutes but hopefully it will be worth that HUGE effort when Chris tries them in the shop.  If they work well, I will make a bunch of them for him for next winter! (And maybe figure out a way to add some sparkles, much to his chagrin lol!)

I wrote on them with a Sharpie just to give it a tiny bit of colour at least!

(I thought I would also add my pretty little Wedgewood lighter I showed you all in My Online Auction Addiction in it, again, to try to pretty up the picture a little)

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