Craft Room – Update #1

While we haven’t actually started working on the bedroom/craft room makeover, we have started to accumulate various items for it.

We picked up some paint swatches to choose a colour and have decided, I think the final choice, on what we are going to do on the floor.

I am going to add some pictures of what we have accumulated, some of what we have planned and what we have decided on, I think, for the floor.

While we can’t show you all of the ideas we like, (it would probably end up being a novel) you can check out our “Craft Room” Pinterest page and see all of the great ideas people have posted!

Any feedback is more than welcome!



To start with, here are the paint swatches I picked up when I was in town at the Canadian Tire store.




We are leaning towards the 2nd colour from the left of the bottom row.  This is not surprising to me, we have both had a turquoise in mind right from the start.  We can use the colours to the right of that colour to coordinate on the pegboard frame and other items.  I am thinking that doing some sort of stencil on the pegboard would be nice as well!

We purchased a beautiful quilt set from Jysk.  I have been dying to put it on the bed, just so I can look at it when I go down there, but Jeffy, one of my cats seems to think so far that this room belongs to him and I would prefer to limit the cat fur on it….for as long as I can anyway! Isn’t the quilt bright and beautiful?



(Don’t let Jeffy’s angelic picture fool you.  He is named Jeffy after Jeff Gordon, retired Nascar driver, because he goes a million miles an hour, runs circles around poor Lulu, his sister cat, terrorizes the hound {who outweighs the cat by about 100+ lbs.} and is literally on high octane fuel for lack of a better word.  He definitely does not run with a restrictor plate!)

I won a set of crystal lamps on one of my auctions that we plan on using, although we are definitely going to redo those horrible lamp shades lol!



Any suggestions for a lamp shade overhaul?  We are definitely open to them!


I purchased some pillow covers from Amazon, just because I thought they were pretty, and with my luck, they probably wouldn’t have still been available when I wanted them later on.


I bought them from and they were less than $5 each!  This is where I got them –

I also found a pretty little lace, heart shaped cushion when I was at the thrift store a few weeks ago that I thought would be perfect in there! (And I only paid $2.00!)


Back to Jeffy lol.  With him thinking the room is his, we have decided to grant him immunity from the No Boys Rule and I am going to repurpose an old end table I bought with plans to do this, just not to put in the craft room!

I want to make him one of those end table cat beds that is pinned all over pinterest, like this one!






Here are some of the other ideas we plan to incorporate into our craft room makeover, followed by where we found them!


We would like to paint a “tree” in one corner of the room, like the one below, but in a corner, branches coming out both sides of said corner.



And have little “swing” shelves to put little things on!  I found these ones on pinterest too.  Imagine that! We just want ours smaller, and white!




I absolutely love how “girly” tulling makes any room look.  Here are some examples of how we might incorporate it into our room décor.


Tulling Curtains


Tulling Bed Skirt – No Sew at that!



I absolutely love this idea for our “sewing” chairs!  Wouldn’t that look awesome?


Check out these cushions and table cover using tulling as well!








Pretty Pegboard for all of our “Stuff”…. I am thinking we will definitely need more than one!



Other than the pegboards we plan on using, there are so many “pretty storage” options out there it would take forever to list we plan to implement.  I will highlight a few of them below! With what we call the pipe shelf and the shelves we want to put in there and redoing our current buffet once we find a new one we both like, we will have plenty of places to put all the pretty storage solutions!

All of these ideas are from Pinterest.  I will list the Credits in order from the left clockwise!

Hanging Buckets:

Spice Rack Storage: – (Look out Thrift Stores….here we come!)

Brush Holder: – (I’m pretty sure I NEED this for my brushes!)

Recycled Jars:

Hanging Wool Storage: – (I already bought a Bright Pink one!)

Painted Coffee Cans: – (It’s a real shame we don’t like coffee. I probably have at least a dozen down there already!)

Of course there are thousands, maybe millions of other great storage ideas for us to incorporate but I didn’t think it was a good idea to list ALL of them!


And GLITTER!  Of course we are going to have to use glitter.  What sort of craft room would it be without glitter????  Check these out!




Mason Jar Storage:

Glitter Switch Plate:


Okay, I won’t overload you with anymore of our ideas….today, anyways.

Stay tuned for more on our Craft Room Makeover! The weather is finally getting nice which means we can get started soon taking furniture outside to paint, and everything else we plan to make/paint while enjoying the beautiful weather, at last!








16 thoughts on “Craft Room – Update #1

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Ribbon F and commented:
    I love these craft room ideas. I dod not have a regular craft room at the moment, but when I did I used a rope shelf and the hanging closet item with little shelves for stufff like her. Great ideas. She is a new follower. If you love crafts and handmade check it out.

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  2. Those floral tulle pillows resemble some my grandmother had. Her sister (my great aunt) made them as a gift. Pretty and they always received compliments. Look forward to seeing which accessories you pick!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Neither one of us could be considered “girly” but for our craft room/haven, we decided to go full on Girly and floral pillows just seem to fit the bill as does anything Tulle! Good thing I can sew well because we have our work cut out for us!
      We will keep updating! Now that the nice weather is here we can start taking furniture outside to paint and get started in the room as well!
      Thank you for your comment.

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    • Aren’t they? That is the hard part… deciding on a colour. I think we have narrowed it down to one of the Turquoise colours on the bottom row, accenting with the dark pink and white. At least that’s where it sits now. I can’t wait for it to be done. Now that the nice weather is back, we can start taking furniture outside to paint and get to the floor and walls.
      Good luck getting yours back into shape lol!!!

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