My 25 Favourite Kitchen Tips

These are some of the tips I have learned over the years for in the kitchen.  I hope one or all of them prove useful to you for your kitchen adventures!

  1. I always have a sink of clean soapy water in the sink when I am cooking.  If I want to reuse an item, I can always wash and dry it quickly with the water on stand by.
  2. I am not sure why but I always clean the kitchen and do existing dirty dishes before I start to cook or bake.  It gives me a clean slate when I get started.
  3. Make sure you READ THE RECIPE fully before starting.  There is nothing worse that beginning something only to find out half way through you don’t have all the ingredients!
  4. I like to keep a bag or a bowl handy while cooking.  You can put all of your garbage in one place until you are finished instead of making numerous trips to the garbage can.  It saves a lot of back and forth!
  5. If I am making more than one of anything or if I have more than one of the same item to prepare for a recipe, I work with an “assembly” line mentality. If I have to peel onions for various parts of the recipe, peel and chop them all at once.  If I am making more than one lasagna or casserole I go through all the steps once only but carry each step through both pans at the same time.
  6. If you are freezing soups or chili or something like that, try to lay them flat.  It is much easier to stack in your freezer and it will freeze and thaw faster.  Also make sure to label everything. There is nothing worse than thinking you have pulled out spaghetti sauce for dinner only to find out it is something else!
  7. You can freeze small portions of sauces, flavoured oils, pesto and such in ice cube trays and only thaw what you need for a recipe.
  8. When making a cake, brownies or squares, line the pan with parchment paper.  The cake or brownies etc. will pull right out of the pan without sticking and make it easier to slice up later.
  9. When I am icing a birthday cake, I freeze the layers before icing.  There are less crumbs in the icing when I do that.
  10. I don’t know why it works, but when I am boiling potatoes or noodles, if I let a wooden spoon sit on top in the water my pot doesn’t boil over.
  11. When I am boiling eggs for egg salad or deviled eggs, I douse the eggs in cold water immediately after they are done and then peel the straight away while they are still warm.  I find if I don’t the shell ends up coming off in a million little pieces instead of peeling nicely.  I also bang the egg and then roll it for easier peeling.
  12. Another egg trick is if you end up with small pieces of shell when you crack an egg into a bowl, use one of the clean edges of half of the cracked egg to fish it out instead of your fingers.  It works a whole lot better.
  13. If I have to measure something sticky like peanut butter or molasses and such, I will spray the measuring cup with cooking spray first so the ingredient just slides out of the measuring cup.
  14. When I have overripe bananas and I am not making anything with them straight away I freeze them. It keeps them until I am ready to bake with them.  They mash so much easier after being frozen as well!
  15. I find that cutting most meats while they are still partially froze makes it easier to cut, the slices are a whole lot more even too. You can also place fresh meat in the freezer for about 20 minutes before slicing to achieve the same results.
  16. I have found that the easiest way to clean my microwave is to first fill a microwave safe measuring cup with about 2 cups of water and half a cup of vinegar.  Microwave on high for 2 to 3 minutes, depending on microwave, and then wipe all the “gunk” off with a wet cloth.
  17. When putting bread dough through the rising process, preheat your oven to 250 and then turn off, cover bowl and place in oven with the oven light on to help with the process.
  18. If I don’t cheat and use an aluminum pan, I line my baking pans with aluminum foil or parchment paper to make for a much easier clean up
  19. For the best results when make meringue and even Yorkshire pudding, make sure your eggs are at room temperature before making.  The meringue will be higher and fluffier and your Yorkshires will be huge!
  20. If you don’t have a roasting rack, you can always roll up aluminum foil into coils and place in the bottom of your roasting pan
  21. I always do my dinner prep the night before or the morning of the meal.  It makes cooking the actual meal so much faster when the time comes.  I also make full use of my crock pot.  You can prepare your crockpot meal and place the removable bowl in the fridge until you are ready to start cooking it.
  22. After I chop garlic or onions, I find if you rub your hands vigorously on your stainless steel sink for about 30 seconds before washing them it removes the odor.
  23. To soften hardened brown sugar, put the block of sugar in a bowl, sprinkle with a teaspoon of water, cover with a damp paper towel, and microwave 30-seconds at a time, checking after each 30 seconds, until soft. (It might take several minutes but it will soften)
  24. If I have a recipe that calls for “chocolate curls” I make sure the chocolate is cold and I use a vegetable slicer to create the curls.  Run slicer along long edge of the chocolate to make nice curls.  I also keep the end I am not using in a plastic baggie so my hands don’t end up covered in chocolate as it starts to return to room temperature.
  25. My favourite tip is just to have fun, experiment and my personal biggest is to keep my husband out of the kitchen lol…the bonus of a meal cooked by someone else is not enough incentive for the mess that’s left over!!!!!

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