LED Lighting

The lack of light near my kitchen counters made me feel like I was making everything in a very dark cave or dungeon.  There’s a window above my kitchen sink but with it being at the back of the house and our back deck having a roof, hardly any direct sun makes it through the window.

We tried Halogen lighting and I suppose it worked for a while but it is quite a bit more on your electricity bill than the LED lights.  And who isn’t into becoming more energy-efficient these days?

My husband bought me a nice set of LED Under Cabinet Lights for Christmas. (I might have hinted a little bit about how much I wanted them). I am so glad he did.  The difference between my counters with and without under cabinet lighting is literally like night and day.

They are fairly inexpensive and are pretty much just a peel and stick application.  The kit we have contained 5 “light strips” and also included all the cords, little extension clips, 6 inch extension cords and little clips to screw to the underneath of the cabinet as an added precaution to stop the sticky part from letting the light strip fall at any point. There were 5 strips in the kit and they all attach end to end to accommodate any length of cupboard/counter length.

Oh, and before I forget the cool part!  They also have a remote and you can change the colours on them.  Mine has pink, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, white of course, black and you can also hit a button on the remote that goes through all of the colours on a loop.  It’s a cool feature for birthday parties, Easter, Christmas and so on.

Led Under Cabinet Lighting is well worth purchasing.  I will include a link and pictures at the bottom of the page of the lights I have and you will see the difference in my kitchen.  They were even long enough, using the extension, to add a string of them to under the cabinets above my stove. (Only problem with that is that with a ceramic cook top, I have to make sure it’s always clean lol)

I will never be without them now, it would be like cooking in the dark again…I just can’t do it. If you don’t already have some, it’s worth the $40 or $50 to install them.


Before LED Lighting

After Installing the LED Light Strips


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