Amazon A-Store

I don’t know about you but I am completely addicted to! There is nothing better than being able to do the majority of your shopping from home, in your pajamas and have it delivered to your door… a lot of the time in just a few days! I purchase everything from wool for my knitting/crocheting projects to toilet paper (yes, they even deliver TP) to my Christmas and other occasion shopping.

Amazon offers a personal e-store page to their affiliates/associates.  You can choose the categories, you can choose sub-categories and you choose what items you want in your “store.”  If you are already an Amazon Associate, set up is really easy.  Other than adding items to you store, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

With that in mind, I opened an Amazon A-Store last night.  We will try to keep up to date on it.  For now we have a selection of items relevant to what we have and are planning on posting…whether it be wool, sewing items, items you use in the kitchen to home décor items that have caught our eye!

As usual, I got lost browsing for items to add to our store.  On Amazon, there are so may items it’s easy to get lost or off track because there is always something to catch your eye!

Please follow the link to our store below and see how great the Amazon A-Store pages are!  Happy shopping!




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